Dana Maranto, Fine Artist, Sculptor – danamaranto.com

Summer Splendor W/Granite Base

I wanted to create a joyful, and lively motion of floating on air. I decided to have Allegra leaping on air. To add to the creation of lightness and movement the drapery was fashioned in multiple layers lifting and floating on air currents. The fabric that Allegra holds creates additional tension in it’s wavering of uncertainty of the outcome of life. While the large piece of fabric circles back forming a circle or cycle of life, a synchronicity of life connected to other lives and uncontrolled events.

The lace on her blouse and shoulders add to the sacred feminine of her being while her face engenders a wide –eyed look of joy and contentment at life.

I choose a golden brown Patina to complete my Contemporary Classical Realism Sculpture of “Allegra” in the fashion of Saint Gaudens Neo Classical Sculpture of Victory.

PRICE: $18,000.00
Allegra 24"L X 17"W X 16" H w/ Granite Base