Dana Maranto, Fine Artist, Sculptor – danamaranto.com


The “Arabesque”- “Freyja” pronounced Frey – Ya mean’s the lady. Freyja was the number 1 goddess in the Nordic Pantheon of gods. She was a supernatural figure associated with beauty, love, sex, fertility, war, and death.

Again I started with the figure. I was trying to create a figure that was balanced but looks like she should be unbalanced by the pose. Freyja also had to find a balance between love and fertility where she helped bring lives into the world verses war and death where she took lives out of the world. I didn’t want the pure Ballerina with the Tutu look. I decided to go with a dress with many petticoats to represent the many layers of Freyja’s life.

The fabric rolls and ungulates as she moves thru time and space effecting the lives of everyone in her world. Just as all women do. While at the same time the grace and beauty of her movement( The Arabesque)  put her on a higher plane then mere mortals.

I’ve added some lace on her dress and around her waist to accent her beauty and femininity. I picture her in heaven observing her realm making sure her world is in order, and her subjects are contented in knowing that she is watching over them.

PRICE: $15,000.00
13"H X 18" D X 15" W on Granite Base. 1 of 6 pieces.