Dana Maranto, Fine Artist, Sculptor – danamaranto.com

Summer Splendor W/Granite Base

When I started “Summer Splendor” I thought a long time about the dynamics of the piece. The figure was the foundation of the piece. So I decided to elongate the figure to make it more dynamic. Then added fabric flowing and blowing in the breeze. The fabric had to ebb and flow like the tide and was an important detail in bringing it to life. The final addition of lace to the fabric made it more feminine and detailed. To give the piece a more full look I added fabric at the shoulders to create scarves. This divided the fabric into multiple dynamic layers. I pictured her as joyously skipping thru a field of tall green grass that was dotted with yellow wild flowers. Her face is care free and happy as she enjoys a warm sunny day with a blue sky and white cumulus clouds. The Monarch’s are dancing thru the field with her, fluttering, dipping and weaving around her.

PRICE: $18,000.00
18"H X 19"L X 14" W. One of six pieces.